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For more than 40 years, the partners of Feinberg Sharma, a renowned divorce and family law firm, Joy M. Feinberg, Molshree “Molly” A. Sharma, Gia M. Conti, and Jennifer S. Tier have been providing exceptional service and obtaining superior results for their clients.

FEINBERG SHARMA, P.C. is a renowned divorce and family law firm serving Chicagoland and its surrounding counties. We are masters at our profession and leaders in our chosen field, set apart by the lasting success of our talent. The hallmark of each of our lawyers is their intrinsic motivation and extrinsic compassion. We are innovative thinkers, creative with every case, who listen to your ideas, stand by your side, and work to achieve your goals—because divorce may bring change, but it doesn’t change family.


In our practice, we stand firm: everyone promotes mediation, collaborative law, and all manner of family law solutions. We craft new ideas when old ones are insufficient, and remain dedicated to thoughtful planning. We offer seasoned intuition, and provide keen insight. For example, we gather weekly to discuss our cases so that each client benefits from the collective knowledge of the firm. That way, we stay prepared, because nothing supports resolution better than preparation. And in the times when settlement proves unproductive, we are ever-ready for the courtroom, where our trial skills are second to none.


Feinberg Sharma represents business owners; highly compensated senior management; physicians, lawyers, nurses and other professionals; rising executives and administrators; teachers and their spouses or partners. Our astute business acumen brings a clarity of vision and voice to our representation. Our successful lawyers represent successful individuals in all of life’s configurations.


Experienced in every area of divorce and divorce-related family matters, we help with anything from Parenting/Custody issues to business valuation; maintenance/alimony to child support; income division to pensions and retirement plans; and Parentage to Hague International Child Abduction cases. In other words, we do it all and we do it well.

Molly is a savvy, accessible, aggressive and sensitive advocate on behalf of her clients who are facing a variety of challenges due to an impending divorce or post-decree matter. Her professional expertise is in working with business owners, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, athletes and/or individuals of high net worth who are grappling with the complex financial implications of ending their marriage. A substantial portion of her professional skills relates to handling complicated family law matters that require high-level financial experience with assets in real estate, investment accounts, business valuations, tax and retirement benefits.

Gia’s edge comes from her unparalleled understanding of the recently overhauled Illinois domestic relations laws. Her strong litigation skills give her an advantage over other practitioners, especially those in family law. Her focus began in general civil litigation and has transitioned over the years to the complexities of high net worth asset divisions, business valuations, maintenance, as well as the intricacies of parental decision making (custodial issues) and parenting time disputes. She has successfully tried and settled issues in multi-million dollar estates as well as those holding top management positions. She is comfortable representing those in the “C” suite or their spouses. Gia has a robust record of success in domestic and international child custody issues. Gia has noteworthy expertise in maintenance disputes, valuation work and income imputation.

With four talented associates, two senior Of Counsel Lawyers and their dedicated staff of paralegals and professionals, Feinberg Sharma, focuses its entire practice on resolving complex family law issues related to:


  • Divorce
  • High Net Worth Assets and Their Division
  • Business Valuation
  • Executive and Deferred Compensation
  • Allocation of Parenting Time and Responsibilities
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Property Division


FS family law firm offers mediation and collaborative law as alternative dispute resolutions to help clients avoid the financial and emotional toll of litigation. These alternative approaches are much less confrontational than traditional litigation. When spouses are willing to work out a settlement, they are more likely to view the end result as being a fair one and one to be followed.


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If you are interested in working with a top family law firm to help you with your divorce, contact FS to schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys. You can reach us by phone at 312-376-8860 or via email.