Separate Property Tracing

Separate Property Tracing

Tracing is a process that is frequently employed as a way for one spouse to establish a particular asset as his or her separate property. In the midst of a property division proceeding, particularly as part of the dissolution of a lengthy marriage, it can be difficult to establish a clear delineation between “yours,” “mine” and “ours.”

In many cases, the need to trace separate property arises from the commingling of separate and marital property in Illinois. For example, if one spouse receives an inheritance and the money is used to pay the principal of a jointly held mortgage or fund a large home improvement project, it is likely that each side will view this inheritance contribution differently.

Protecting Property Interests In High-Asset Divorce Cases

The attorneys at Feinberg Sharma, provide results-oriented representation to high net worth individuals and their spouses in all facets of property division and separate property tracing. FS’s family lawyers’ comprehensive understanding of Illinois family laws and proven strategies for protecting our clients’ property rights set us apart from other family law firms in Illinois.


FS’s divorce attorneys have access to a broad network of talented forensic accountants and other experts who can help us establish a clear path that proves your claim for separate property. Our family lawyers will work with you to collect all available information and documentation related to the commingled assets. Once the investigation is complete, FS family lawyers will present your case to the Illinois court and seek reimbursement in the property settlement.


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