Hidden Assets / Forensic Accountants

Hidden Assets/Forensic Accountants

Some people involved in a divorce would like to maintain control of all their assets. Some choose to keep assets off the table. Some people maintain financial accounts and other activities during the marriage that the spouse never knew about. The only way to divide property fairly — and to ensure a proper level of payment of child support or spousal support — is to locate and identify these hidden assets.

The Only Fair Way To Divide Property in Illinois

Exposing these assets is the only sure way to get a fair divorce settlement. At Feinberg Sharma, our family law attorneys work with accountants and property division forensic analysts to help you avoid victimization by a spouse or an ex who is hiding assets. Hidden assets are especially possible when the spouse owns a business, has been the recipient of a major inheritance or has significant assets, including real estate, in many different locales.


Calling On The Skills Of Illinois Forensic Accountants In Divorce
The methods used to hide assets range from offshore investments to gifts to children to secret bank accounts held by another and assets put to safe deposit boxes. Those assets will be located and added to the marital property inventory.


We will tenaciously represent you in all hearings and throughout your case to protect your rights and assets.


We Have The Skills And The Financial Know-How To Succeed For You
FS’s discovery team has the skills to analyze financial statements to discover discrepancies between income and spending. Many times, the other party does not care how illegal his or her actions are and how harmful these efforts can be to important matters such as child custody.


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Do you suspect hidden assets in divorce? The discovery lawyers at Feinberg Sharma, will help you identify and locate those assets. Call our family law offices at 312-376-8860, or email us at info@fsfamlaw.com.