Division Of Taxes

Division of Taxes

The division of taxes in a divorce can involve a number of important issues that could have significant implications for both spouses over the short and long term. Many Illinois divorcing spouses fail to consider or are simply unaware of the tax consequences associated with certain outcomes in the divorce process.

  • What is the tax impact of obtaining the marital home, an income property or an interest in a privately held business in the marital asset division?
  • Will I be required to pay income tax on the spousal maintenance payments I receive after 2018?
  • Will I be allowed to claim the tax exemptions for my minor children?


These are all important questions to keep in mind at every stage of your divorce proceeding, and a qualified Illinois family law attorney can help you identify a sound strategy designed to produce a settlement that provides a solid foundation for the future. At Feinberg Sharma, we provide superior service to clients in the Chicagoland area in matters of taxation and related issues.


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