Post-Divorce Modification And Enforcement

Post-Divorce Modification and Enforcement

Divorce decrees and other court-supervised agreements are serious documents, practically written in stone. They may not be replaced with your idea or your former spouse’s idea of what is best, and they may not be ignored, at the risk of going to jail. Because they are serious, we have two serious ways of dealing with them: modification and enforcement.

Feinberg Sharma, is an Illinois family law firm that provides vigorous, results-oriented representation for people seeking to obtain modifications in family law orders and those who wish to retain existing orders.


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Modification Of Divorce Decrees
Petitioning for modifications is something both parties can agree to. It can just as easily be a source of great contention. These are the areas most modifications address:

  • Changing physical custody
  • Changing location (move-aways)
  • Changing the parenting time agreement
  • Changing the amount of child support paid
  • Changing or terminating the amount of alimony paid


Usually, it is necessary to go to court and put modification questions before the judge. Feinberg Sharma, plays an important role in this process, putting your proposal, or your response to the proposal, in the best possible light before the court. These courtroom scenes can be confrontational. We suggest that you allow us to absorb the heat. We won’t get upset — we will continue to represent you and to seek a favorable outcome for you.


Enforcement Of Orders

This option can be even more intense than modification of a decree. It is usually arrived at after many frustrating efforts to obtain compliance with the court order. In enforcement, we ask that the court hold the noncompliant parent in contempt. When the other party refuses to comply, the judge can have the sheriff take him or her into custody until he or she complies. Wages or bank accounts can also be garnished until he or she is in compliance.


Why Hire Feinberg Sharma?
Because in intense proceedings like modification and enforcement, the courts welcome attorneys with years of experience in difficult family issues. In our practice, we are familiar with every court in the Greater Chicago area. We are respected for our commitment to family law and our ability to focus clearly on the facts at hand, even when emotions run high.


If you have a serious issue involving modification or requiring enforcement action, we invite you to call and share your story.


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