Parenting Rights

Parenting Rights

Whether married or unmarried, parents have parenting rights in Illinois. Determining paternity and negotiating allocation of parenting responsibilities and parenting time arrangements can be complex both legally and emotionally in Illinois. Some mothers need financial help from fathers denying paternity. Some fathers want to prove a biological link to their children so they can play an important role in their lives.

Everything our family lawyers do related to the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time at Feinberg Sharma, is done with the best interests of the children in mind. When you retain our family law firm located in Chicago, our family lawyers will work tirelessly to protect your parental rights in Illinois.


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Asserting The Parental Rights Of Illinois Fathers
If you are married to the mother, a presumption exists that you are the birth father of your children. If you are unmarried, you must take time to consider the role you want to play in the life of your child. If you want to maintain an ongoing, close relationship with your son or daughter through an allocation of parental responsibilities and/or parenting time agreement, you have to take proper steps in a specific order to establish your parentage.


If your name is not on the birth certificate or you did not sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity at the time of the birth, you face challenges in being established as the father. Provided that you took those steps, specifically DNA testing, you must take immediate action early in the life of the child to pursue allocation of parental responsibilities or parenting time. You also must request to be on the Illinois Putative Father Registry.


Protecting The Rights Of Married And Unmarried Mothers
Unmarried mothers often need to establish paternity to hold the father responsible for child support. Even if the father has proven paternity, you still need a family attorney to sort out the issues. Whether you want the father to share in the allocation of parental responsibilities or a certain amount of parenting time, we will defend your interests.


Helping Chicago And North Shore Parents Protect Their Rights
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