Issues Involving Children

Issues Involving Children

Issues involving children are among the most important considerations in any Illinois divorce proceeding. They also have the potential to be among the most contentious. The children’s care and well-being must remain the highest priority in these matters, and the guidance of an experienced family law attorney is instrumental in securing agreements that best provide for their needs.

At Feinberg Sharma, our entire family law practice focuses on obtaining exceptional results in difficult matrimonial law matters. With a definitive focus on the best interests of the children, our parenting lawyers are sensitive to our clients’ concerns. In every case, we diligently pursue a solution that benefits all.

Committed To Obtaining The Best Available Outcomes

We understand the impact the outcome of child-related family law matters have on you and your family. The decisions that are made and the orders that are established will affect you and your children for years into the future. You can rely on us to provide the attentive, focused representation required to obtain a positive resolution.

Our family law attorneys are prepared to represent you in any matter involving children, including:


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Issues Involving Children Categories

Child Support
Allocation of Parenting Time & Responsibilities
Parenting Time
Parenting Rights
Child Relocation
Post-Divorce Modification And Enforcement
Custodial Interference
Grandparents’ Rights