Same-Sex Marriage and Civil Unions

Same-Sex Marriage and Civil Unions

With the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act that went into effect in June 2011 and the changes in the law allowing same-sex couples to be married starting in June 2014, members of the LGBTQ+ community now have access to all of the same rights and legal protections provided to any other married couple, including same-sex marriage and civil unions.

In the process of establishing or dissolving a same-sex marriage or civil union in Illinois, there are unique legal issues that frequently need to be addressed. Having a team of top Chicago lawyers representing you from the outset is essential for ensuring that your interests are protected. At Feinberg Sharma, our divorce lawyers are on the forefront of LGBTQ+ family law issues.

Representing Partners In Same-Sex Marriage and Civil Unions in Divorce Cases in Illinois

FS, a team of same-sex marriage and civil union lawyers, provide skillful representation in a variety of complex family law issues in Illinois. We understand the sensitive nature of these often difficult divorce proceedings in same-sex marriage, and our family lawyers utilize effective strategies to secure favorable outcomes.


When couples come to Illinois from other states to be married, Illinois will have jurisdiction over the marriage in cases where the couple’s home state does not recognize same-sex marriage. If you were married in Illinois and require representation in a divorce proceeding or any related issue, we are fully prepared to assist you.


FS’s family lawyers have extensive experience resolving the following issues related to same-sex marriages, divorces and civil unions:


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