Order Of Protection in Divorce

Orders of Protection in Divorce

Everyday there are hundreds of cases of household members seeking orders of protection against another member of the household in Illinois. Domestic abuse happens in every Illinois household, from rich to poor, from every religious background and everywhere in between. The accused offender might be a husband, wife, grandparent, child, grandchild, other relative or even just a boyfriend.

At Feinberg Sharma, we work with family members dealing with legitimate problems of abuse. Located in Chicago, our family law attorneys know how to get an order of protection. FS’s family law attorneys have protected hundreds of households from continuing abuse in Illinois, and we can obtain protection for your home as well. FS’s attorneys also defend those wrongfully accused of domestic violence in Illinois. Even when false, these allegations of domestic violence can follow you on the job, if running for public office, or attempting to secure an FOIA card in Illinois.


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How Protective Orders Work in Illinois

The protective order obtained is a temporary protective order, and it restrains the accused from harming, harassing, threatening, stalking or any other abusive activity directed toward you or your minor children.


The order is temporary. If you wish to make it permanent, a protective orders hearing can be scheduled where you and the other party can both make your cases. If the judge grants an order of protection, it will remain in effect for two years.


The Problem With Domestic Violence Charges in Illinois
Most cases are 100 percent legitimate. Other times, the protective order can be a scheme to make the other side look bad in an upcoming divorce or custody case, or just to express anger. Domestic violence is often a very complicated matter, made worse by the tendency of law enforcement officials to take someone away in handcuffs on every call.


Whatever your situation, you need strong and effective legal representation as soon as possible. Let us put our advocacy skills to work for you as we know how to get an order of protection in Illinois.


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