Family Law Appeals

Family Law Appeals

Some people who litigate the divorce process in Illinois are not happy with the final outcome. In some divorce cases, however, there may actually be grounds to reverse a judge’s ruling. Like other legal appeals, however, overturning a previous ruling is a challenging task.

Family Law Appeals in Illinois

Working with the right family law attorneys is essential in determining if you have grounds for a family law appeal here in Illinois. At Feinberg Sharma, you can count on our more than 40 years of legal experience in all different types of family law and divorce disputes to help you determine the best way to handle a family law appeal.


Do You Have Grounds For A Family Law Appeal?
Determining whether you have a chance at overturning a previous ruling or being granted another trial is a difficult task that will require a large amount of supporting evidence. Some common grounds for family law appeals in Illinois include:


  • Assets were mischaracterized during the property division process;
  • Your lawyer failed to properly represent your interests;
  • A judge went outside the bounds of the law in a ruling.


Our family law attorneys will start by thoroughly examining court transcripts and any evidence used during your original divorce proceedings. After reviewing your case, our family lawyers will discuss the next steps with you. While we will be extremely thorough in our work, if we do not believe moving forward with an appeal is in your best interests, we will advise you of that.


Get The Right Representation In Family Law Appeals

Our founders, Joy M. Feinberg and Molly A. Sharma are respected in the legal community and by former clients for their comprehensive knowledge of family law matters, ability to craft workable solutions and providing high-quality client service. When dealing with complex appellate law issues in Illinois, there are few firms in Illinois better equipped to help you.


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