Illinois Divorce

Illinois Divorce

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences in life, and many Illinois clients come to Feinberg Sharma in bad emotional shape. You will find our team of top divorce lawyers quite sympathetic. We have a way of thinking about divorce that mitigates the hurt. As one of the top Illinois family law firms, FS’s divorce attorneys think of divorce not as a failure in life, but as the beginning of your better future.

Guiding You To A Better Future Post Divorce

To learn more about the Illinois divorce process and how our divorce attorneys can help you, call us at 312-376-8860, or email us at Located in Chicago, Northbrook and Arlington Heights, FS family law firm represents clients throughout the Chicagoland in Illinois from our offices.

Divorce As A Dissolution Of Business

By the time people are thinking about filing for divorce in Illinois, most married people know there are serious problems. You have already suffered a great deal. The divorce really puts a cap on all that sorrow and anger. Now you are tearing up the old contract, with both parties free to make a fresh start.


“My lawyer heard my story, I dried my tears, and we went to work answering questions about property and money. I realized this process I dreaded was doable.”
— Carolyn, Schaumburg


The law office of Feinberg Sharma, includes six of the brightest family law attorneys in Illinois. We chose family law because solving these structural family problems is a passion of ours. It is fulfilling to help clients and to see the stress and unhappiness fade away.

Representing High Net Worth Individuals in Divorce Cases

Drawing on years of experience, firm knowledge of Illinois family laws and our own analytical talents, we help with every legal aspect of the divorce process:



Whenever possible, our Chicago divorce attorneys seek to obtain positive results for our clients in divorce cases through settlement negotiations or divorce mediation. That said, we are tenacious family lawyers, and if litigation is necessary, FS’s team of divorce lawyers will aggressively represent you at all stages of the legal process.


If you are looking for a family lawyer who will get you through divorce in Illinois intact, and with your prized assets still in your possession, contact us today. We are eager to meet with you and hear your story.

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Need help going down the divorce path? The Cook County divorce lawyers at Feinberg Sharma will help you get through it. Call FS’s family law offices in Chicago at 312-376-8860, or email us at

Illinois Divorce Categories

Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce
Same-Sex Marriage And Civil Unions
Prenuptial Agreements/Estate Planning
Orders Of Protection In Divorce
Legal Separations
Court Ordered Evaluations
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