Domestic Violence in High-Net-Worth Families

Domestic Violence in High-Net-Worth Families

Allegations of domestic violence impact a high-asset divorce proceeding in numerous ways in Illinois. In addition to possible criminal charges and penalties, those accused face damage to their reputations as they endure the criminal process. For those who own businesses, multiple homes and vacation properties, they also face actions in civil courts that lead to significant property being given to the allegedly abused spouse.

Chicago Domestic Violence Lawyers

At Feinberg Sharma, our family law attorneys know the stakes are high for both the accused and the accusers. That awareness combined with dedication and diligence helps us provide the seasoned and sophisticated legal representation our clients need.

When Allegations Of Domestic Abuse Arise During A Divorce Proceeding
FS, a team of divorce attorneys, knows that domestic violence victims want safety and security. Those wrongly alleged to have committed physical abuse want the same peace of mind. However, they also need to have their names cleared. Accusations of domestic violence or a criminal record with convictions for the crime affect once-successful business owners from attracting customers, hiring employees and dealing with business associates.

Revenues dry up. Reputations are destroyed.
Criminal consequences are only the beginning in divorces where domestic violence is alleged. Acts of violence can be a significant factor into property division, specifically favoring the spouse that suffered abuse.

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