Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law

At Feinberg Sharma, our divorce lawyers have extensive experience in collaborative law and all types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Finding alternatives to litigation is beneficial to all family members impacted by a divorce. Moving forward with a process that is less confrontational has benefits, both now and long into the future.

Your Options Under The Collaborative Law Process

Divorce can take an emotional and financial toll on a couple and their children. Disputes that cannot be resolved through negotiation go to trial. Oftentimes, our divorce attorneys witness sons and daughters of divorcing parents are placed in the middle of these disputes. Legal fees and court costs to pursue litigation only take away more of the marital assets needed for a post-divorce life in two separate households.


The attorneys at Feinberg Sharma, know firsthand that collaborative law has multiple advantages over litigation. It is a type of ADR that allows spouses and their attorneys to find resolution to various divorce-related issues without a trial. Collaborative law can be cost-effective and efficient bur you and your lawyers must be fully prepared. Spouses willing to work together have great input on a level playing field where they enjoy control in making decisions instead of a judge issuing verdicts.


All proceedings are closed, private and kept off of public court records. If resolutions cannot be found and negotiations break down, either spouse can pursue finalization of a divorce in court.


Explore All Of Your Options With Collaborative Law Attorneys
It is possible to save time and money while securing peace of mind and looking out for the best interests of your children. Contact Feinberg Sharma to schedule an initial consultation with one of our family law attorneys regarding the collaborative law process. You can reach us by phone at 312-376-8860, or email us at