Facebook and Divorce

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Facebook and Divorce


Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media and networking sites have become primary methods for people to stay in contact with each other. They have also become a primary source of information for family law attorneys representing parties to a divorce.


For example, if you post a photo of yourself at a party on Facebook and the divorce lawyer representing your spouse obtains a copy, it could be used to distort your ability to be an effective parent. A broader net is cast in some instances, and electronic discovery is used to obtain emails, phone records, text messages and other information that could be damaging.


If You’ve Got Something To Say, Say It In Person
With the evolution of electronic communication and the increased capabilities of data forensics specialists and other experts, there is a good chance that anything you post, email or store electronically will be found and used against you down the line. In short, if you have something that you want to say, have a face-to-face conversation.


Do not trust a site’s “privacy settings” or features on your computer that claim to encrypt or otherwise protect your information. In too many cases, divorcing spouses have found themselves in difficult situations because of electronically stored or distributed information that was later recovered by the opposing attorney. Some examples include:


Admissions about hidden assets

  • Disparaging or fraudulent comments about the other spouse
  • Photos depicting alcohol consumption or drug use
  • Vacation photos, particularly those with a partner who is not your spouse
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